September 28 - October 1, 2023
International fair specialized in photography

Video Project

Curado por Irene Gelfman

Video-project is the section that focuses on the moving image. During the last edition, new proposals and young artists were presented. The theme revolved around the posthuman, the environment and the relationship between humans and nature.


Artists: Julia Padilla, Nicolas Requena

Gallery: Acéfala - A gallery with young and mid-generation artists with a presence at various local and international fairs.



Sensory nostalgia

In recent years, the boundaries between humans and the non-human have come into tension. We are facing a cultural shift that proposes a horizontal relationship between species. Contemporary art became a fertile ground to highlight and introduce problems about how our ways of seeing, perceiving and thinking about the existing relationships between nature, humans and things have been (re)configured.


The exhibition proposes a dialogue between the works of Julia Padilla and Nicolás Requena, and invites us to reflect on the power of images to glimpse a habitable future. The room is transformed into a post-anthropocentric and post-human proposal, where our ways of thinking and inhabiting the world are stressed.


Julia Padilla is characterized by the assembly of everyday objects. The artist emphasizes the movement that converts one thing into another, and how this action opens the possibility of creating hybrid beings that fuse the organic with the animal, the plant and the artificial. In this way, she composes sensual surfaces, related to the body, that activate the tactile and generate sensory curiosity.


Nicolás Requena produces new landscapes and beings from the use of new technological devices. His work gives rise to the simultaneous coexistence of the real and the virtual. His landscapes and virtual beings require taking the time to pay attention to both the blurry and the precise.


Upon entering the room, the viewers will enter a situation that seeks to remove them from the everyday context through works that mediate between the digital world and the analog world, and between pieces that somehow create experiences of longing for the natural. Each image can awaken memories of landscapes and sensations forgotten by a planet on alert and motivates us to seek a horizontal and integral world that does not distinguish between humans and non-humans.


Irene Gelfmann

Video Project Curator

A video art experience accompanied by a Trapiche wine tasting.

An exploration of the senses.




Nicolas Requena Grau (a.k.a China / a.k.a x1n4)

1990, San Francisco, Cordoba. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.

He performs clinic work with Diana Aisenberg. He has held exhibitions and editorial publications in Argentina and several countries: 2020, Sentime, together with Alejandro Gabriel, curated by Magdalena Testoni; 2020, Yo, mi autorretrato, curated by Guillermina Lynch and Magdalena Trucco, virtual exhibition from Kiosco de Artistas; 2019, GIFc, curated by Charlie Roberts The Hole, NYC; 2019, CHALA 2001, individual exhibition at Moria Gallery; 2019, Trimarchi with Andrea Da Silva, Mar del Plata; 2017 La Piedra Fundamental, curated by Facundo Belen and Natalia Natalia, NN Art Gallery, La Plata; 2016, LA PAXXXION, Latin American digital art video library exhibition and creation, San Francisco, Córdoba.

He currently makes digital works published on Foundation in NFT format.



Julia Padilla

She was born in 1991, in Buenos Aires. She conducted a construction clinic with Ernesto Ballesteros and José Luis Landet. She joined training programs such as Artistas x Artistas (El Mirador Foundation), PAC (Gachí Prieto Gallery) and ABC (Pan y arte).

She attended the SpookyVision workshop led by Nicanor Araoz and Flavia da Rin. She took writing workshops with Maria Gainza, Silvia Gurfein and Cecilia Pavón.

She made solo exhibitions such as Pariente (El Mirador Foundation, 2021), Afelpada (Gachí Prieto Gallery, 2020) and El comienzo de los héroes (Naranja Verde, 2014). She also participated in collective exhibitions such as Cuerpos Mutantes (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, 2022), La larva y el Pantano (Fundación Andreani, 2022), Simbología (Centro Cultural Kirchner, 2021), Programa Km1 (Museo de arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, 2021) Cosecha Herida (Centro Cultural Recoleta, 2019), A punto de caer (Espacio Munar, 2018).

Padilla participated in the following awards: Premio 8M, Bienal de arte joven, Premio Fundación Fortabat, Salón Nacional de Rosario, Salón Nacional de artes visuales, Salón Nacional de Tucumán, Premio UADE, Fundación Andreani, Fundación Williams, Ópera Prima (casa del Bicentenario) and Proyecto A.