Video Project

Curated by Rodrigo Alonso

Five Artists of our Time


Unlike photography, which was conceived as an invention destined for scientists, later turned into a means of archiving and communication, and then finally legitimized as art, video art emerged within the gallery circuit and received almost immediate recognition. However, its relationship with collecting and the market did not develop as quickly, and institutionalization was made difficult by its technological nature.


Today, this technological nature has allowed it to promote alternative channels of circulation. Hence, we continue to find it in galleries, fairs and museums, but also on other screens, on social networks, NFTs, and YouTube. This far-reaching exhibition has not made a dent in the poetics of its most notable authors, who are still capable of constructing unique aesthetic universes sheltered from the incessant tide of media images.


The artists gathered in this exhibition show a strong authorial brand in very dissimilar approaches to the possibilities of video art. There are works of appropriation (Thornton), of performative variations on the plastic production itself (Unrrein, Fernández), of the gestation of disturbing digital worlds (Heller, Brangold). But above all, there is a particular, situated and consistent theme: Each in their own way establishes a dialogue with contemporaneity, bringing a breath of fresh air to the art of our time.


Rodrigo Alonso



Participating Artists


Alejandro Thornton (Pabellón 4) – Ignacio Unrrein (Acéfala) – Genoveva Fernández – Mónica Heller (Piedras) – Julián Brangold





Alejandro Thornton (Pabellón 4 Gallery)

About Nothing. 2020. 2:30 min


Ignacio Unrrein (Acéfala Gallery)

Intento reconstrucción. 2018. 8:30 min


Genoveva Fernández

Sólo Compás. 2020. 1:20 min


Mónica Heller ( Piedras Gallery)

Museo. 2015. 2:30 min


Julián Brangold

Modelo de dolor en un cuerpo digital. 2019. 14 min