September 28 - October 1, 2023
International fair specialized in photography

Fuera de Foco

Curated by Bárbara Golubick

For several years, Fuera de Foco has been providing a space for a series of solo projects by artists who address, from different perspectives, the relationship between image and environment in the context of contemporaneity. The selection criteria is based primarily on encouraging the federal presence in the fair, including galleries that through experimentation with procedures, languages and multiple materialities, dialogue with the current modalities adopted by photography. In this way, the curatorial proposal of Fuera de Foco consolidates the purpose of giving visibility to the photography of emerging artists and galleries from all over the country, and to serve as a platform where heterogeneity represents the universe of possibilities in the medium. Photography as an experimental record of the world, as an exploration of the relationship between memory and archive, or as an intense modulation between intimate gaze and social reality finds a flexible and receptive space to open up to a renewed public.


Curatorial proposal that explores the idea of ​​interior/exterior landscape

This year's proposal explores the relationships and links with the landscape, as the construction and projection of an intimacy, an identity, an interiority. The artists in the exhibition work from photography approaches, distances, immersions and chromatic shifts of the environment they inhabit. Curator: Barbara Golubicki.

Participating galleries and artists:

Remota Galería (Salta) with Clara Johnston and Matías de la Guerra / Talenta (Buenos Aires) with Coni Rosman and Juan Pablo Tristán.


Artists Bios



Coni Rosman (Buenos Aires, 1986)

Photographer and cultural manager. She has a Bachelor of Arts (UBA), and a master's degree in Cultural Management (UBA-FFyL). She participated in workshops led by Adriana Lestido, Nacho Iasparra, Constanza Niscovolos, PAC, and other tours.

She works as an independent photographer and has developed her work since 2008. Her work is goes through questions about light, the subtle, the virtual, and how to inhabit those spaces. She is the creator of the OCP.


Juan Pablo Tristan (Buenos Aires, 1983)

He is a photographer and audiovisual producer. He studied photography at Andy Goldstein's school, in addition to conducting workshops with Nacho Iasparra, Alejandro Barbosa, Florencia Blanco, Santiago Porter, among others. He participated in the Nido Errante residence. He made the annual Turma program, specializing in photobooks, coordinated by Martín Bollati and Rosana Simonassi. He is part of the FELIFA (Photography Book Festival) team.

His works have an interest in dialogues and disciplinary crossings, working with photography, appropriation and audiovisual media. Since 2018 he has been making an audiovisual series on photography called Constelaciones - photographic exchanges, which was exhibited in different places and galleries such as Fola, el Felifa, Santa and Le Mur (Madrid).




Clara Johnston (Salta, 1987)

She studied Photography at the Córdoba Center for Photographic Studies and a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the National University of Córdoba. She was selected in the 40th Visual Arts Hall of the Province of Salta and in the National Visual Arts Hall of the Palais de Glace 2021. She was the First Prize Winner in the Drawing Category of the 41st Visual Arts Hall of the Province of Salta. She receives the FNA scholarship in 2016 and 2017. She participates in different spaces for reflection and training around photography and conducts various clinics and workshops with local, national and foreign artists.

She exhibits individually and collectively, participates as a resident and carries out various cultural management projects. Her work is part of public and private collections. She is currently part of the group of artists at Remota Gallery. She lives and works in Salta, Argentina.


Matías de la Guerra (Salta, 1995)

Visual artist. He took courses in graphic design and photography. He participated in the Artists Program of the Universidad di Tella 2019/20, the Contemporary Art Seminar at UCAsal, the 3rd and 4th CIUNSA International Colloquium: Perspectives on Contemporary Art, the Formar workshop by Monica Girón and the artwork clinic dictated by Raúl Flores within the framework of the BOOM Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta.

In 2015 he obtained the FNA Training Scholarship with which he participated in workshops on work processes, production, history and photographic practice. He obtained mentions in the Provincial Hall of Visual Arts of Salta in 2016 and 2019.

His individual exhibitions were at La Fotogalería del Teatro del Huerto de Salta in 2014, and Shower of Tears curated by Marcela Lopez Sastre at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta in 2019.

Among his group shows, the following stand out: Éxodos at Remota gallery, Salta 2022; Mundos propios, Universidad di Tella Buenos Aires 2021; CUIR curated by Chiachio and Giannone at Isabel Croxatto Galería, Chile 2021, Benigno curated by Santiago Bengolea and Sasha Minovich at La Boca 2021; Toque de Seda curated by Nancy Rojas at Quimera Galería Buenos Aires 2020; Perfuch: Performance Festival curated by Lolo and Lauti at UV Estudios, Buenos Aires 2017 and 2018; Mechudes, curated by Nancy Rojas at UV Estudios; Entre el Espíritu y la Materia curated by Marcela López Sastre at the Museo del Barro Paraguay 2015.

He lives and works in Buenos Aires since 2018 being part of the Zona Imaginaria Residency for Artists.