Special Project

Curated by Florencia Battiti

Invited Artist: Silvia Rivas (Rolf Gallery)

Placing the body at the center of experience to provide a different, strange look on everyday life.

Rivas stops to poeticize that moment prior to an event, a decision, to then analyze both its fragility and its power to change everything.

Silvia Rivas and Diana Schufer's videos place the body at the center of the subjective experience. In both works, the action unfolds in neutral spaces, which further concentrates the dramatic tension. Can an instant become eternal? Is it possible to inhabit a moment in the same way that a space is inhabited? How does the violence that nests in affective bonds manifest itself? Although both videos were made in pre-pandemic times, they appropriately invite us to reflexively look at the way in which we naturalize the experience of time and emotional ties and to rethink the extreme fragility of our future.