October 24-27, 2024
International Photography Exhibition

Rosario Villani

Guest of the Guided Tours Program

This program proposes an approach to the fair through guided tours. Each visit will explore a selection of works under the perspective of photographers who will present the traditional and contemporary uses of photography from different approaches.

To this end, a special selection of works will be prioritized, and the themes explored will include: artistic genres in photography, its technical qualities, new materials and media that are part of contemporary photography, and the appreciation of the value of those images linked to traditional discourses but from a current approach.




Rosario Villani graduated in Art History and Cultural Management from Universidad del Salvador (USAL). Since 2017, she has been working in the realization of inventories of artworks and in the registration and documentation for important collections. Currently, she is in charge of the Department of Registration and Documentation of Works of Art in the Ama Amoedo Collection and participates in the bibliographic archive of the Estate of Oscar Bony. Her participation extends to significant cultural projects. She is a professor in several cultural spaces and teaches the subject of Cultural Property Management at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).