October 3 - 6, 2024
International Photography Exhibition

Irene Gelfman

Video Project Curator

Irene Gelfman is the global curator of Pinta Art. She is in charge of directing the special projects that seek to expand and promote Latin American art, as well as to encourage the presence of Latin American contemporary art both in the local and international circuits, with the ultimate goal of giving visibility to emerging and established Latin American artists.


Following these guidelines, in this new edition of Pinta BAphoto she will be in charge of the general curatorship of the fair and of the Video Project and Adriana Lestido's Special project sections.





Irene Gelfman

BA in Art History by the University of Buenos Aires (FFyL - UBA); She attended the Artists Program #11 at UTDT (Criticism and Curator). Winner of the New Curators Award of The AMALITA Collection and the Argentine Association of Art Critics. Gelfman works in curatorship, management and art criticism. She currently holds the position of Global Curator at Pinta Art and also writes texts for various media, publications and catalogues. With more than ten years of experience in different areas of cultural management, both public (national and local) and private (foundations and NGOs), where she coordinated and produced content. In addition, she put together the programming for different festivals, fairs and international events where Argentina was a guest country in areas such as theater, visuals and music. As well as producing large-scale events. She developed and coordinated an aid program to promote Argentine artists abroad (APEX - National Ministry of Culture) and was a strategic advisor for the Creative Barrios program.