October 24-27, 2024
International Photography Exhibition

APP Pinta Art

Pinta is excited to announce the launch of its mobile app Pinta.Art. With unique access to fairs, events and all the information, this new tool includes innovative functions.


In the first place, the App stands out from the web for its practicality in terms of tickets and passes. General tickets, VIP passes and registrations to internal and satellite programs to the fairs can be stored in one place. This functionality provides the possibility of accessing all the necessary passes for the Pinta experience.


Secondly, the Pinta.Art App includes an exclusive agenda with guides on Pinta events and other art circuits in the area. This tool seeks to centralize updated information on the artistic context of the different host cities of Pinta and broaden the experience of the public.


Not only this, but the App also provides maps, accessibility information and other practicalities to facilitate the tour of the fair. It also includes details about the curators, the production and behind the scenes of the Pinta fairs.


Pinta.Art is in constant development, seeking the efficiency and creativity necessary to promote the art of the region and the world. Don't miss new updates!


Download the app here